Oliver - Standing Stone (UK Ultra Rare Pr.Press Psychedelic Acid Folk Blues 1974)

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An ultra-rare and expensive privately pressed album by a certain Oliver Chaplin which is an amalgam of folk, blues, progressivism and psychedelia. All the material was written by Oliver. Its highlights include Freezing Cold Like An Iceburg, which sounds very like Captain Beefheart; In Vain, which has been likened to Pink Floyd's More Soundtrack; Flowers On A Hill, which has a sort of ragtime feel; Cat And The Rat, a length piece of guitar-driven progressivism and the folky Primrose and Orbit Your Factory

Immaculate recording, done by Oliver (Chaplin)'s brother, the BBC sound engineer who recorded Jimi Hendrix's famous radio sessions. Oliver was the music man no label could charm. Virgin certainly tried, but Oliver's contempt for the music industry just ran too deep. Standing Stone is an uncorrupted testament to his unique personal vision

01 - off on a trek
02 - trance
03 - flowers on a hill
04 - freezing cold like an iceberg
05 - royal flush
06 - cat and the rat
07 - instamatic
08 - telephone
09 - getting fruity
10 - tricycle
11 - motorway
12 - primrose
13 - in vain
14 - multiplex
15 - orbit your factory
16 - tok tic
17 - wher's my motorbike

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